The Independent Mum’s Handbook

The Independent Mum’s Handbook

By Laura Carey


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As a mum, you’ll no doubt find yourself spending most of your time looking after everyone else. But who’s looking after YOU?

I truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get to where they want to be emotionally, financially, and in their careers. Especially dedicated mothers. 

It’s precisely why I’ve written the Independent Mum’s Handbook. To help you realise your vision for a more independent future, through practical guidance and inspirational tips and advice, all designed to help you realise that you can be the perfect parent and fulfil your personal dreams.

The Independent Mum’s Handbook is for you if you…

  • Feel like you’ve lost your personal identity since becoming a mum
  • Have life goals you’ve always wanted to fulfil, but being a mum means you never get time to focus on YOU
  • Keep making a start on a lifelong ambition, but parenthood keeps taking over
  • Have clear aspirations, but lack the direction and knowhow you need to move forward

It’s not unusual for mothers to feel lost when reaching a major transitional point in their lives. Whether it’s becoming a first time mum, or suddenly finding yourself with time on your hands now the kids in are in school full time or left the family home, you may be wondering, what’s next for my life?

The Independent Mum’s Handbook seeks to address this dilemma, guiding you towards financial independence, helping you achieve a positive state of mental well-being and equipping you with the knowledge, direction and motivation you need to take those first steps towards the rest of your life.

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All you need to move towards your goals, in a single comprehensive handbook

This is a comprehensive, practical handbook, with everything you ever needed to know about finance, career development, education and self-care all in one place. Upbeat and inspirational, and presented in an easy-read format in jargon-free English, it takes you step-by-step through all that life entails, both as a parent and as an aspirational individual with future ambitions in mind.

Learn how to…

  • Maximise your income and reduce your outgoings
  • Boost your credit rating and manage debt
  • Navigate the world of pensions and investments
  • Get on the property ladder
  • Arrange and finance childcare
  • Save for your child’s future
  • Start your own business
  • Achieve the perfect work-life balance
  • Further your career
  • Gain new qualifications and finance your studies
  • Take care of YOU

The perfect gift for mums with ambition

The Independent Mum’s Handbook makes the perfect gift for any aspirational mum who needs a dash of direction and a splash of practical support to make that first move towards her future goals. Or treat yourself, and consider it an investment in the future version of YOU.

About the author

As well as a mum of two, I’m a senior lecturer in psychology, a student mentor and personal coach, and a mentor on Santander’s Breakthrough Women Business Leader’s Mentoring Programme. I have various psychology related qualifications, including a Masters in Organisational Psychology, am a Member of the British Psychological Society and the London Institute for Banking and Finance, and have a diploma in teaching.

The advice I share through the Independent Mum’s Handbook is evidence-based, centred on proven theories and real life experiences collected across my life as a parent, and my career in coaching and mentoring.

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The book is now ready for you to read in E-book form!

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Hard and paperback versions will be available from March 15th – in time for Mother’s day.

“What a fantastic idea, finally a book that was written for ME.”

Sarah Jane

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