How to be happy

  Spring is in full swing, and summer is on its way. How can anyone not feel happy? I can think of a few reasons why it may be challenging to feel a sense of happiness and contentment. Can you? I don’t want to dwell on the negative, so this blog is about happiness. ThroughoutContinue reading “How to be happy”

The life cycle

Ever heard of the Life Cycle Theory of Financial Management? It’s something I’ve covered in the Independent Mum’s Handbook, which I’m proud to say is now available from Amazon and other leading booksellers. Here’s an excerpt: “The Life Cycle Theory is a well-known economic theory created by Franco Modigliani and his student Richard Brumberg inContinue reading “The life cycle”


Feeling stressed? It’s part and parcel of life. Here’s an excerpt about stress from my book, The Independent Mum’s Handbook… “Stress is a part of life, and it doesn’t cause us too much trouble until it becomes intense. “Stress can come from many places; even positive situations may cause us to feel a small degree of stress. EveryoneContinue reading “Stress”

Sneaky Peak

More sneaky peaks into The Independent Mum’s Handbook… have you ordered your copy yet?! “As a mother, our wants and needs often get pushed to the side as we tend to all the other demands and responsibilities in our lives. I believe that, with the right information and coaching, you can meet your personal goals, asContinue reading “Sneaky Peak”

How did you manage life whilst pregnant with your first child?

The transition from being a single woman to a mother can be a tricky road to travel. You need to navigate a changing body, new relationships in work and your private life and get ready for the most significant change of your life – being responsible for a new person. As a new mum, youContinue reading “How did you manage life whilst pregnant with your first child?”

Universal credit update !

Here’s an update on the budget changes to Universal Credit: The taper rate will change from 63p being deducted from every pound you earn over the work allowance to 55p out of every £1. Previously, £63 from your universal credit ward would be deducted from every £100 you earned.Now, only £55 is deducted from yourContinue reading “Universal credit update !”

Dirty John 

Hey ladies,  I hope you have had a good weekend. What did you get up to? I spent most of my time doing chores and watching Netflix. I was transfixed by the show ‘Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story. It had me thinking about why I created the Independent mum’s Handbook and how your lifeContinue reading “Dirty John “