What have you bought for you?

Hey, Muma’s!  Are you stressed about Christmas? Are you frustrated with making news years resolutions you don’t keep? Do you want to create a plan so you can pursue and fulfil your personal goals? I am not sure if you have heard but today is Cyber Monday.

How did you manage life whilst pregnant with your first child?

The transition from being a single woman to a mother can be a tricky road to travel. You need to navigate a changing body, new relationships in work and your private life and get ready for the most significant change of your life – being responsible for a new person. As a new mum, youContinue reading “How did you manage life whilst pregnant with your first child?”

Appraisals, behaviours and stress

Hello, We are now in blog three of our series on stress. In this post, we are going to dig deep and explore the effects of stress on how we think (cognition), emotions and behaviours. And how our behaviours, and thoughts impact our stress levels.  Cognitions  When we talk about stress and thoughts we areContinue reading “Appraisals, behaviours and stress”

How stressed are you ?

Unfortunately, stress is a normal part of life. It is said that the only place where you don’t experience stress is when you’re 6ft under. So, I guess the positive of experiencing stress is that we are alive … Stress is a part of our daily life and can be triggered by anything from sleepingContinue reading “How stressed are you ?”

Stress and coping – The stress response

Imagine your alarm didn’t go off, you roll over, check the time and you’ve 20 minutes to get yourself up, washed and dressed, the kids ready and out the door to daycare before you start work at 9 am. The company are making cutbacks and you know your job is on the line. You makeContinue reading “Stress and coping – The stress response”