Life Management Coaching

Getting you on track to reach your personal, financial and career goals with evidence-based advice and useful, practical guidance.

As an advocate for personal growth and fulfilment, I firmly believe that everyone, especially dedicated mothers, should have the opportunity to get to where they want to be emotionally, financially and career wise.

It’s exactly why I set up my life management coaching service, to support you in your mission to achieving your goals, whilst staying committed to your parental responsibilities. Because everyone, parents included, has it in them to be whatever or wherever they want to be.

How will life management coaching with Laura benefit you?

  • Are you a stressed mum with a feeling of losing your own personal identity?
  • Do you have life goals that are important to you, but as a mum you’re just too busy to focus on yourself and what YOU want? 
  • Have you tried to get started on a lifelong ambition, but keep failing to make headway, because parenthood tends to take over? 
  • Do you feel you lack the knowhow to move forward with your aspirations?

You’re not alone. As a mum of two myself, I totally get it. Your primary concern first and foremost is your kids, and you feel you have no time to focus on yourself. Maybe you don’t even know who YOU are anymore. 

But you are important. And there is no reason why you can’t be the perfect parent and fulfil your personal dreams.

How does life management coaching work?

My life management coaching sessions are designed specifically for time-poor mums. Aimed at kick-starting your journey towards where you want to be, they’ll keep you on track at every step on the road to your personal success. 

I truly believe you can have it all. And I’m here to help make it happen. Because when the children are grown up and off doing their own thing, and the world is finally your oyster, you don’t want to suddenly realise you’ve got to start from scratch, without the skills and financial security to move towards your ambitions.

The coaching I offer is all about reducing stress, helping you work silently in the background on your own goals, whilst still giving your all as a dedicated parent.

We’ll come up with a plan to get over any obstacles that might be holding you back from getting ahead and, together, we’ll work step by step, creating a roadmap towards your ultimate aspirations, whilst setting and celebrating achievable milestones along the way.

With regular check-ins and friendly nudges to make sure you’re on top of the tasks you’ve been set, there’s plenty of incentive to keep you on course and motivated.

To get things moving, we’ll work to a four-step intro plan. Following that, we’ll meet by phone or video call to make sure we’re still on track, set fresh goals and plan for the month ahead. Group sessions will help keep you motivated in between, and friendly nudges will make sure you’ve got those all-important tasks in hand.

The Intro Plan

Step 1

It all starts with a Discovery Call. We’ll use this to look at:

  • Where you are now, your current position
  • Where you want to be, short term and long term
  • Anything that you feel is standing in the way of your goals
  • How you see me helping you get to where you want to be

Step 2

On our next call, we’ll delve a bit deeper. Depending on your individual goals, we might focus on the likes of budgeting, savings and maximising income; education and training, or personal skills and behaviour patterns, or perhaps even a mix of all of them. The key thing is that it’s all completely tailored to you and your personal aspirations.

Step 3

This is the call where we’ll create your roadmap towards your short and long term goals. Again, depending on where you’re headed, we might look at how you can upskill to increase your income; how you can save for your new child’s education; what you need to do to achieve your perfect career, or move to the house of your dreams. We’ll work through all the challenges that will typically arise, and formulate a plan to overcome them. This is where we’ll also structure a way forward for the coming weeks and months.

Step 4

Now it’s time to start taking those first steps towards meeting your goals. I’ll help you by setting practical tasks that you can work on to get you closer to realising your ambitions. It’s the last of our weekly check-ins, but the support by no means ends here.

We’ll switch to monthly calls from this point, but you’ll still benefit from regular nudges to make sure you’re sticking to the plan. We’ll also invite you to join monthly group sessions. Networking with like-minded people and sharing challenges and successes will help you find the strength and confidence you need to move forward.

How much does life management coaching with Laura cost?

We can work on an hourly rate, or you can take advantage of one of my added-value packages

Per hour£45
Package 1: Ready
One monthly 1-2-1 goal setting and overcoming challenges sessions
Bi-weekly group sessions
£ 60
Package 2: Steady
One monthly 1-2-1 goal setting and overcoming challenges sessions,
Bi-weekly group sessions
Nudges – email reminders to complete tasks
Package 3: Go
One monthly 1-2-1 goal setting and overcoming challenges sessions
Bi-weekly group sessions
Nudges – email reminders to complete tasks
Weekly check-ins – 4 x weekly 15 minute calls

Why life management coaching with Laura?

I’m a senior lecturer in psychology, a student mentor and personal coach, and a mentor on Santander’s Breakthrough Women Business Leader’s Mentoring Programme. I have a number of psychology related qualifications, including a Masters in Organisational Psychology, am a Member of the British Psychological Society and the London Institute for Banking and Finance, and have a diploma in teaching. I’m also a mum of two.

You can read more about me here

My life management coaching gathers together my expertise and experience across psychology, finance, education and parenthood. My advice is evidence-based, focusing on proven psychological theories which I have personally tried and tested myself and know to be effective.

You’ll benefit from action-based advice, learning practical skills that will help you stay on course.

If you have the ambition, but maybe lack the drive or know how to get to where you want to be, then I can help with a tailored programme designed to steer you towards your goals.

Ready to invest in your future?

To learn more about how we can work together to achieve your future ambitions, please get in touch.

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