Motherhood, Money and Finance

A year in the making. Several buckets of blood, sweat and tears. Countless late nights. An over-worked corkscrew. But it’s finally here… The Independent Mum’s Handbook. A step-by-step guide to helping you gain control of your life as a mum so that you are empowered to fulfil your potential.

Tax-Free childcare 

Did you know if you may be able to can claim up to £500 every three months ( £2000 a year) for each of your children under 11 years old ( they stop being eligible on September 1st after their 11th birthday) towards child care? If your child is disabled and claims Disability Living Allowance,Continue reading “Tax-Free childcare “

Back to school and sleep

Hey, how are you? Have you found your back to school routine yet? I’m sat here wondering how everyone is coping after the back to school shakeup. I’ve seen a lot of information about back to school anxiety for children, however, I have seen little dialogue about the toll back to school rush has onContinue reading “Back to school and sleep”

Wellness and self care – How are you doing?

Think back to a time when you lost your temper, now, think about whether your response was because you were under a lot of stress with work or, because the only thing that has passed your lips that day was a coffee at 6am and now it’s 7 pm at night.  When we are overtiredContinue reading “Wellness and self care – How are you doing?”

Liquidity, Risk and Diversification

Good morning Mumas, Welcome to this post. This will be the first of a three-part series that hopes to tell you the basics of investing. In this post, you are going to be introduced to the basic characteristics of investing and the names of various investments and their basic features. First, we will look at Liquidity,Continue reading “Liquidity, Risk and Diversification”