The life cycle

Ever heard of the Life Cycle Theory of Financial Management? It’s something I’ve covered in the Independent Mum’s Handbook, which I’m proud to say is now available from Amazon and other leading booksellers. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Life Cycle Theory is a well-known economic theory created by Franco Modigliani and his student Richard Brumberg in the early 1950s, as they researched people’s spending and saving habits throughout their lifetime.

The theory has a few assumptions, the main one being that you want to get the most happiness from each pound you spend – and that’s the essence of this book. It aims to give you the tools to find financial stability to get the highest sense of fulfilment from your life.

I like this theory because it’s simple, and it helps to relieve anxiety and increase wellbeing throughout your life. This book isn’t about getting rich. It’s about being happy and content; it’s about giving you the tools to live a financially stable life.”

Want to learn more about the Life Cycle Theory and discover whether it can help you?  There’s a dedicated activity in the book. Download on Kindle for just £4.99 or order your copy today. Thank you for your support, all reviews welcomed!

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