Feeling stressed? It’s part and parcel of life. Here’s an excerpt about stress from my book, The Independent Mum’s Handbook…

“Stress is a part of life, and it doesn’t cause us too much trouble until it becomes intense.

“Stress can come from many places; even positive situations may cause us to feel a small degree of stress. Everyone has stress in their life; it just looks different for different people. With that in mind, it’s important you know how to manage stress to maintain your mental health. A great way to reduce stress in your life is to find balance.

“You can find balance by prioritising what needs to be done and putting off things that can wait. Here is an exercise to help you find balance in your life…”

Fancy trying the exercise? The Independent Mum’s Handbook is available from Amazon, Kindle edition only £4.99. If you’re kind enough to buy, please give us a review!

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