Motherhood, Money and Finance

A year in the making. Several buckets of blood, sweat and tears. Countless late nights. An over-worked corkscrew. But it’s finally here… The Independent Mum’s Handbook. A step-by-step guide to helping you gain control of your life as a mum so that you are empowered to fulfil your potential.

The difference between this book and other books on motherhood or finance? This one focuses on you, and how you can live your best life. Over six fact and advice-packed chapters and activities, I’ll be by your side, helping you achieve the four pillars of wellness and take control of your finances, so you are free to work on your personal goals.

Here’s an excerpt:

“This book is for mothers who feel like they lost a piece of their identity when they became a mum. It’s also a valuable handbook for women who are scared about becoming a mother and want to know how to keep their personal goals on track whilst still being a good mum. It gives you the tools to comfortably juggle your responsibilities and stay on track towards your personal goals.”

The Independent Mum’s Handbook is available from Amazon on Kindle for just £4.99. Empower yourself, buy it today! And please, when you can, give us a review. Thank you for your support!

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