We’re back.

Did you miss us?

Good morning.

I hope you all had a fab weekend.

Are you all set for Christmas?

If you’re like me, you’re feeling the pinch and your anxiety rising as Christmas approaches.

I took the advice of a good friend this weekend and had a self-care Saturday and Sunday.

I had a lay-in on Saturday and then went to the gym for a spin and body pump class. I then grabbed a coffee with the girls and went for a sauna and steam ( it was so relaxing!). As I got changed, I caught up with a friend and had a natter for an hour.

After that, another friend phoned and asked if I wanted to grab lunch. I went, and Saturday night, I caught up with a different friend, and we hit the town!

Sunday was a bit slower. I had a restful day watching movies ( Stepbrothers, How to be Single and the 80’s classic Labyrinth), and I only left the sofa to wash and dry the laundry.

It was all about me this weekend.

What did you do?

More importantly, what did you do for yourself?

Sometimes we need to take a day out to recharge, so we are fighting fit for another day on the frontline of life.

If you didn’t manage to make time for yourself, I have some good news for you.

Our podcasts are back!

This week we meet Clare, a mother of 3. We join Clare as she talks us through her rollercoaster life. We discuss being a teen mum, domestic abuse, finding your happy ending and unschooling.

So, if you need an excuse to take time out for yourself here, it is.


Please pull up a chair, grab your favourite drink and relax for an hour as we join Clare in her mothering journey.

Let me know how you make time for yourself in the comment box below.

Keep safe

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