Let the countdown begin!

Christmas to-do list, Checklist December, Mums planning

Happy Friday, Muma 

Let’s start with the formalities,

How are you feeling?

It’s been a week since Black Friday. How did you do?

Are you still in the black or, did you fall in the red?

I have so many questions for you!

I need to make sure you are all OK. Christmas is a busy and stressful time for EVERYONE. Especially us mums.

I’d love to take the stress away from you all but, I can’t. However, I can help you get organised. 

As it’s the month before Christmas, here is our getting ready for Christmas checklist:

December 6th – 12th

  • Make a list of things you need to do for Christmas
    • Do you need to buy more things?
    • Are you visiting family and friends?
    • Do you have Christmas parties to attend?
    • Does your child have a nativity you need need to watch?
  • Plan your meals for Christmas
  • Make a list of things you need to buy for Christmas
    • What presents do you need to buy?
    • What are you eating on Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Year’s Eve?
  • Set yourself a budget
  • Put activities on a calendar
  • Write out your Christmas cards 
  • Send a letter to Santa
    • His address is: Santa / Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ.
  • Shop for cards and wrapping paper 
  • Do online shopping 
    • Do you have presents left to buy?
  • Wrap gifts as you buy them 
    • We don’t want anyone seeing their gift early!
  • Take stock of your decorations 
    • You may need to buy more ( remember to stay in your budget)
  • Check that you have enough dishes and glasses
    • You might want to buy paper plates for the kids 
  • Post your Christmas cards 

December 13th – 19th

  • Buy your tree
    • or bring in your old one from the shed or loft
  • Decorate 
    • It’s time to get the house ready! 
  • Finalise your festive menu
  • Post presents 
  • Shop for nonperishables 
    • Cake, chocolate, Alcohol…
  • Deep clean 
    • Only if you feel like it 

December 20th- 24th

  • Buy batteries 
    • I always forget this one! 
  • Shop for fresh ingredients 
    • I’d do this about two days before Christmas
  • Complete your last-minute wrapping 
    • Now it’s Christmas eve
  • Lay out the presents under the tree
    • or in the stockings
  • Start preparing the food for the big day 
    • What can be done the day before to make Christmas eve less stressful
  • Relax 

So, there we have it!

The ultimate December checklist for Christmas.

I hope you find it helpful

Feel free to comment below if you think there is anything we should add.

I will check in with you again soon

Keep safe 


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