How did you manage life whilst pregnant with your first child?

The transition from being a single woman to a mother can be a tricky road to travel.

You need to navigate a changing body, new relationships in work and your private life and get ready for the most significant change of your life – being responsible for a new person.

As a new mum, you may feel different emotions, from excitement to fear and loneliness to overwhelming feelings.

In this week’s podcast, we meet Jyoti, an expectant mother and hear her journey into motherhood.

We hear how she navigates work, life and her new role in the world as she gets ready for her precious bundle to arrive on December 4th.

I must admit that this podcast gave me the most trouble to edit. I hope the birth of the bundle behind this story is easier for his mother!

So, if you have ever wondered what challenges other women face when having their first child or, whether what you’re going through is normal, this podcast is for you.

Pull up a chair and listen to Jyoti’s story.

I hope you enjoy the journey 


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