In my last blog, we spoke about goals,

We looked at setting goals and creating an action plan to achieve your dreams.

Let’s work on the premise that you have your goal and plan to achieve it. 

Now let’s think about all the roadblocks that could get in the way of achieving your goal. It could be anything from childcare to qualifications., But one thing that most of these challenges have in common is money.

Although independence is more than money, money helps us be more independent. It gives us access to tools that can help us lead happier, less stressful and more fulfilling lives.

Here I will share an exercise we use with our coaching clients to help them identify their money mindsets.

Have a look through the list and see which one most resonates with you.

Understanding your money type might give you a better understanding of your financial situation and help you achieve your goals faster.

What are money mindsets?

A money mindset, as the Author and correspondent from Money magazine, Jordan E. Goodman, puts it, is your ‘financial personality.’ Almost everyone has a dominant money type, but you may have characteristics from other money types too.

Here’s a brief overview of each of Goodman’s money types; see which one resonates the most with you :


You may identify as a striver if you acquire money and let others know how much you have. You believe your success is measured by how much money you have, and you play the part until you succeed.


You might be an Ostrich if you feel baffled, intimidated or embarrassed by money. You may be proud of your indifference, or you may ignore your finances in a crisis. However, you may feel confused or angry about how you deal with your finances.

White Knight 

The white night is akin to the ostrich; you hope for an unexpected win or an inheritance. You neglect our finances in the hope that your white Knight will come to save you.

Debt desperados

The debt desperado is the kind of person who likes to overspend. You may be underfinanced and always Coming Up short. In short, you’re a shopping addict who prefers the thrill of buying to the security of having savings. 


You’re a coaster if you are financially stable. You’ll be doing better financially than the other types. You’ll likely be organised financially and have decent insurance coverage and a good retirement plan. 


You’ll identify as an optimist if your childhood was without many money woes. You see your financial future as rosy, and you’re not scared to leave your secure job to work for a startup company. You believe someone will bail you out, and you’ll always get what’s rightfully yours.

High roller

You treat money as a grand gesture that is peppered with bravado and taking long shots. You’ll likely be found gambling, either in a casino or taking a chance on building a new business. You like to play the stock market, and you believe you can beat the market. In a nutshell, you are the smartest, fastest, and you’re invincible.


As a squirrel, you have a secret fear of losing everything. You believe that your resources are never enough, and you may even be a hoarder who lives beneath her means. You live in a safe insular world, and you can not enjoy giving to others with a sense of generosity. 

Bag lady

You may have the financial personality of a bag lady if you fear the loss of control and feel you never have enough money. 

It sounds a bit like a horoscope reading, doesn’t it! 

There we have it, guys, all the financial personalities.

Which one resonated with you the most?

How do you think identifying your money types can help you gain more independence and security in your life?

Feel free to out any comment you have in the comment boxes below

Best wishes 


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