Which childcare is right for you?

Choosing the right childcare can be a difficult choice. 

This blog gives you an overview of the different types of childcare at your disposal to help you choose the right childcare for you.

We’ll start from infant child care (nannies) to school age and all your options in between.



You may require a nanny if you are looking for childcare in your home. Nannies can look after your child from birth onwards. Nannies do not need to be registered with Ofsted, however,

Pro – Your child/ren will have personalised care in their home. 

Con – If the nanny is sick or on holiday, you will need to find alternative childcare.

Cost –

  • Live in nanny costs on average £300-£350 per week
  • Day nannies charge between £400-£650 per week  

Baby to toddler


Childminders are an excellent choice if you are looking for flexible home-based childcare. They tend to operate between 8 am-6 pm throughout the year; Childminders differ from nannies as they provide childcare in their own home instead of yours. They also care for multiple children from different households, whereas nannies can only care for up to 2 families.

Pro- Your child’s care is provided in a home setting 

Con – As above, if the childminder is sick or on holiday, you’ll need to find an alternative. 

Cost – The average cost of a childminder is £4.89 per hour per child.

Day Nursery 

Nurseries are a great choice if you look for Ofsted registered care for your child aged between 3 months and five years ( the term before their 5th birthday).

Day nurseries are usually open from 8 am to 6 pm; however, some nurseries open from 7 am 

-7 pm.

Pro – All year round uninterrupted care for your child ( OK, maybe they close at Christmas)

Con – There isn’t the consistency of care. Each year your child will have new room leaders or key person.

Cost –

  • The average cost for a full-time nursery for a child under 2 is £263 per week
  • The average charge for a full time nursery for a child over 2 is £254.44 per week.

Toddler – school age 


A preschool is suitable for children aged between 2-5 years old. In a preschool, your child will be educated through play.

Preschool and School nurseries are registered and inspected by Ofsted and generally provide care term time, and they can be either sessional (9 am-12 pm or 12 pm-3 pm) or all day. 

Pro – Preschool helps prepare your child for school

Con – Unsuitable for parents who are looking for full-time childcare 

Cost- The average cost of preschool is £11.50 per session (3hrs)

School-age child 

Before and after school club

Wrap around childcare is suitable for parents interested in Ofsted registered childcare for their school-aged children that fits around school hours. Before and after school clubs only operate during term time.

Pro – Affordable, flexible childcare that fits around school

Con- Only operates during term time 


  • The average cost for a breakfast club (including food) is between £2- £5.50 per session.
  • The average price of an after school club (including food) is £6.00 – £11.00 per session.

I hope you found this helpful.

In the next issue, we’ll look more at ways to fund childcare.

Until next time 


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