Wellness and self care – How are you doing?

Think back to a time when you lost your temper, now, think about whether your response was because you were under a lot of stress with work or, because the only thing that has passed your lips that day was a coffee at 6am and now it’s 7 pm at night. 

When we are overtired and undernourished, we’re more sensitive to things that might upset us. We need to make sure we are rested, balanced and looking after ourselves so we can control how we respond and we’re less likely to lose control..

Being a mother is a demanding job that affects our physical, mental and emotional health. 

The importance of keeping ourselves well can not be overstated, if we’re not well in our body, mind and emotions then we are more likely to experience health issues and less likely to be able to provide the best care to our children.

What areas should we be keeping an eye on?

To take care of the whole person we should be keeping an eye on our

  • Physical health – Nutrition, fitness and sleep ( how well are we looking after our bodies?)
  • Mental health  – Relaxation and stress management ( how are you psychologically and socially?)
  • Emotional – Self-development and self-medication (who is looking after you?)
  • Financial – money management ( do you feel in control of your finances?)

Awareness is the first step in highlighting where you are now and where you need the most help to keep you balanced and reach your goals.

Once you know where you stand you can create a plan to meet your goals.

Wellness and self-care questionnaire 

So let’s have a look and see how well you are doing when it comes to physical, mental, emotional and financial health.

On a scale of 0-5 with 0 being the worst and 5 being the best, rate the eight questions below:

  • Nutrition/ food ( Do you think you are eating well?)
  • Movement/ Exercise  ( Do you think you are moving enough?)
  • Sleep/ rest (Do you have enough time to recharge?)
  • Relaxation (Do you get time to yourself?)
  • Stress (Are you upset/ anxious?)
  • Substance use (Do you use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes to cope?)
  • Self-esteem (How do you feel about yourself? ) 
  • Financial management (How well do you manage money?)

Now, think about how important the topics are to you on a scale of 0- 5 with 0 meaning not important and 5 being very important.

Lastly, think about whether you would like help in these areas and if so, what would that help look like.

You now have a baseline of where you are and what you need to be able to achieve your goals.

How far are you away from your goals?

Where did you find you needed the most help?

Feel free to add your comments below and let’s get a conversation started !!

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