St Valentine’s Day 2021

On Sunday the 14th of February it’s the annual festival to celebrate romantic love or, St Valentine’s day as we more commonly call it.  It’s a day that is celebrated by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends.

This Valentine’s day may be a bit different to those we have experienced in the past as we are not allowed to celebrate in the conventional way such as, going out for a meal with our partners or, celebrating our friendships with a night out with single pals. 

This current situation got me thinking about the first ever valentines and how far removed our conventional celebrations are from the initial story. 

The story starts in the 3rd century with St Valentines, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome. At this time many Roman’s were converting to Christianity but, Emperor Claudius wasn’t a fan and he believed that Roman soldiers should be completely devoted to Rome and so, he created a law that prevented Soldiers from marrying.

St Valentine began to marry Roman soldiers in secret and that was where this story began. He was found out and jailed for his crimes. Legend has it that whilst he was in prison he cured his jailer’s daughter’s blindness and his final act before being executed on February 14th 207 was to write her a letter which he signed ‘ from your Valentine’.

Over 200 years later when Rome had become Christian and the Catholic church had made plans to abolish paganism, St Valentine’s day was proclaimed on the day of the pagen fertility ritual to establish a feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.    

It wasn’t until the middle ages that St Valentines was linked to romantic love. The poet Chaucer started the tradition of courtly love, whereby love and admiration were expressed ( usually in secret). As this phenomena spread through Europe stories grew about a High Court of Love where female judges ruled on issues related to love annually on  February 14th. However, historians believe that the High Court of Love was in fact gatherings where people would read love poetry and play games of flirtation. 

 Well, let’s fast forward to Valentine’s day 2021…. 

A part of me thinks we are in a similar position to the soldiers in the Roman army because we are fighting a war and we must all soldier together to fight the enemy –  Coronavirus. We are also made to stay away from our loved one’s – just like the Roman soldiers!!

The situation has got me thinking about ways we can take time out to celebrate St Valentine’s day whether that’s on our own or, with the bubble in our home.

We all need something to look forward to in these strange and unpredictable times.

So, after trawling the internet for fun things to do on Valentines day, during a pandemic 

 I bring to you my top suggestions: 

  1. Make chocolate dipped heart shaped shortbread ( you can do this in your household bubble or over zoom with a group of single mates) 
  2. Cook a romantic meal for your household 
  3. Drink pink champagne
  4. Binge watch a tv series ( I have ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘It’s and sin’ planned) 
  5. Send a heartfelt text to all the people you love
  6. Plan a date with your best friend ( walking dates are pretty cool and allowed during covid – just maintain social distancing)
  7. Do something nice for a single person who is older than you  
  8. Stay off social media 
  9. Host a singles only zoom party
  10. Stay in and pamper yourself 
  11. Volunteer
  12. Go through your old clothes
  13. Go shopping for new clothes ( an online zoom shopping trip friends ???)
  14. Go see a psychic
  15. Sign up for an online fitness class

I hope you like these suggestions.

You can choose to do just one or fill up your day by doing more.

Just remember to take time out for you 😉

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