Mental health week 2021

Good morning All,

I hope you are well. As you may be aware, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

I have been thinking about my kid’s mental health and the amount of time they spend on screens, in their rooms and away from their friends.They have all the horrid bits of schools (online lessons) and none of the fun ( e.g playing sports, connecting with others and exploring the world).

Although, I may not be as cool and fun as their friends I thought I’d try and connect with the kids, get them out of their bedrooms and let them get their hands dirty. On my search, I found this really cool science website that brings science to life. So, today ( well, by Friday) we are going to learn about the vaccine, pathogens and antibodies by doing this fun science experiment.We are going to have to start from scratch though and make play-dough as we don’t have any in the house….

That should get them off of their screens for a little while, reduce their anxiety about the covid vaccine and teach them a little biology.I’ll let you know how we get onHere’s the link in case you want to do the experiment tooFeel free to upload pictures of your pathogens if you do get involved.

Happy Tuesday

Laura 🥰…

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